No global profile is configured. Specify a profile name in the @profile_name parameter

Yesterday I set up a maintenance plan in one SQL Server 2005 Instance for rapidly tuning up a set of databases with some simple tasks such as index rebuild, etc.

Whenever you set up a maintenance plan is always a good idea to add in the end the “Notify Operator” Task in order to get notified on the outcome of the maintenance plan’s execution.

Here’s a screenshot of my simple maintenance task:

Even though the first three tasks were executed successfully, when I checked the history of the job that undertakes the execution of the maintenance plan, there was an error message on the last task that is the “Notify Operator” Task.

A part of the error message is the following:

"No global profile is configured. Specify a profile name in the @profile_name parameter.”

So, what does the above error message tell us? It actually says that upon the task’s execution, it cannot find a Database Mail profile in order to use it for sending the email notification.

To overcome this problem, you can set one of the available Database Mail profiles as the default one.

In SQL Server 2005 you can do this in the following way through SSMS:

  1. Management -- Database Mail (double-click or right-click - Configure Database Mail).
  2. Click on Next.
  3. Manage profile security.
  4. Click on Next.
  5. Then you will see a list with all the available database mail profiles. You have the option to select one of these profiles to be the Default Profile (be selecting ‘Yes’ in the combo box).
  6. Click on Next.
  7. Click on Finish.
That should do it!

At least in my scenario I tried it and worked perfectly! :)

Of course, the above assumes that you have at least one Database Mail profile up and working! :)

Until next time!

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