A New Project: Artemiou Data Tools

A few months ago I started a new project that has to do with software development. The concept behind this project is to develop simple yet useful software tools that have to do with data processing. All my tools will be distributed under the collection name “Artemiou Data Tools”.

The majority of the tools will be interacting with SQL Server directly or indirectly. However, there will be also tools for undertaking any other data-related tasks (i.e. split files, etc.).

The purpose is to help fellow community members to solve easy tasks that however require valuable time when are not performed via a software tool. As I plan to be releasing one tool every month, make sure that you visit my website often!

The project went live a few days ago and until now “Artemiou Data Tools” has three tools with a new one coming out next week.

File Splitter v1.0
File Splitter does exactly what the name suggests: it splits files based on either file size or number of records.

File Splitter v1.0 - Main Screen (visit homepage).

Dynamic T-SQL Generator v1.2
Dynamic T-SQL Generator makes it easy for Database Developers to generate dynamic T-SQL scripts by converting a given static T-SQL script and vice versa. Also, it provides a set of additional functions like parsing T-SQL and converting T-SQL scripts to uppercase and lowercase.

Dyamic T-SQL Generator v1.2 - Main Screen (visit homepage)

Snippets Generator v2.2
Snippets Generator allows the user to easily create/modify T-SQL snippets for SQL Server. You can create a snippet from scratch or by using snippet templates.

Snippets Generator v2.2 - Main Screen (visit homepage)

Feel free to visit "Artemiou Data Tools", download the tools and provide your valuable feedback!

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