Vote for me for the MSSQLTips Rookie of the Year Award!

I love being an active member of the SQL Server and .NET communities.

There is something magical in this.

I don't know. Maybe it's the thrill of writing a new article giving solution to a technical problem, or an article on a new technology or feature, or a webcast maybe?

Perhaps it's the excitement when presenting at a conference, or writing a new SQL Server tool in .NET.

All of that converge into a single thing: the interaction with you, my fellow technical community members.

After all these years of actively participating to the SQL Server and .NET technical communities, I believe that this is the key motivation in all this. The discussions, the feedback, both positive or negative, it doesn't really matter, the feeling that with your contributions you really help people, and so much more is the motivational power behind my contributions to the technical communities.

This year, among other, I started writing for the prestigious MSSQLTips online journal. MSSQLTips is one of the most established online SQL Server communities and with its founders’ professionalism as well as with all those high-quality tips, it helps hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of fellow community members.

Every year, MSSQLTips runs the “Author of the Year” and “Rookie of the Year” contests. I had the honor to be nominated for the “Rookie of the Year” award this year.

So, if you enjoy my articles on MSSQLTips, I would appreciate it if you vote for me! This is very easy. You can just visit the MSSQLTips Author Voting page and vote!

As always, my commitment is that I will keep on contributing to the SQL Server community via all available online and offline channels.  I will keep on writing high-quality journal articles and blog posts. I will keep on writing cool SQL Server tools and books making them available to all of you. I will keep on presenting at conferences, user group events and webcasts! I will keep on tweeting...and the list goes on!

And yeah, you can definitely expect more tips in 2017! 


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