Selected Tweets of Year 2015!

Another year has always, full of everything! Events, articles, direct communication with you, my fellow SQL Server community members, via different online and offline channels, software and book releases and many other activities!

Among my blog and journal articles, user group/conference events, tweets and software and book releases, I feel that two of my activities were the most highlighted in 2015. The first highlight was the release of my software tool 'In-Memory OLTP Simulator', and the second was the release of my third book titled 'Developing SQL Server' which is part of 'The SQL Server and .NET eBook Series'.

In-Memory OLTP Simulator allows you to easily test SQL Server's In-Memory OLTP Engine against your own workload, with the use of custom scenarios which you can easily create using the tool. I was working for two years on this and I am really proud about it!

My book 'Developing SQL Server' contains dozens of articles I wrote on different topics that have to do with SQL Server's development. This book completed my three eBook series 'The SQL Server and .NET Blog eBook Series' but hey, don't worry, there is much more to come! :)

All the above, provided me with a great interaction with you, my fellow SQL Server community members, for one more year. Thank you for making the SQL Server community an amazing place to be!

I'm really looking forward for 2016 having already scheduled a variety of amazing community activities!

Wishing to all of you a Happy New Year 2016!

As every year's end, below you can find my selected tweets for the year 2015.

In-Memory OLTP Simulator

Blog Posts/Articles/Books and Announcements



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